Grass, plants, trees and flowers are just one aspect of beautiful outdoor spaces. A well-designed landscape strikes a balance between these living things and hardscape.

Hardscape is the implementation of non-living materials and structure in the design of a landscape like concrete, rocks, bricks, pavers, stone and wood. Hardscape can also include man-made structures like decks, pergolas, arbors and gazebos.

A critical part of landscape design, hardscape can help define the use of a space or set off other areas. There are many ways to use hardscape elements, including:

  • Concrete patios are a classic, low-maintenance and versatile option.

  • Brick patios offer a more upscale and natural look.

  • Flagstone patios are a low-cost option for natural stone outdoor flooring.

  • Tile patios are a great way to dress up a concrete slab.

  • Stone walkways are ideal for garden paths.

  • Gravel paths are an alternative to brick, concrete or solid stone.

  • Stone landscape steps made with heavy stone slabs make beautiful outdoor steps.

  • Metal fences include coated steel, a modern standard, and iron.

  • Wooden fences use the most versatile fence material wood.

  • Wooden decks are also hardscaping, just like patios.

  • Wooden arbors or gazebos enhance a landscape while providing shade.

  • Pergolas are arbor-like structures attached to the house or other building.

Grand Services offers a wide array of hardscape options to further enhance your outdoor living experience. From creating a new space or overhauling an existing landscape, you can count on us to utilize the right materials and provide the know-how to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.