Landscape Services

There's more to landscaping than just looking great. Landscaping can increase the curb appeal of your home or business as well as the value of the property.

Whether you had your lawn and outdoor spaces professionally designed and planted or you were hands-on and created it all yourself, Grand Services can help maintain the beauty of your landscape.


Our landscape services include mulching, adding topsoil and sod, grading and seeding, as well as shoreline clean-up.

Grand Services can also revamp landscapes and flowerbeds. If you have a flowerbed that has gone to seed or a problem area in your landscape that needs to be addressed, a revamp of the space can save time and money.

Instead of redoing an entire lawn or all the flowerbeds, revamping allows small problem areas to be easily fixed without disrupting the rest of the yard

Grand Services can access the situation, identify problem areas and establish a plan of action that will return your landscape and/or flowerbed to its former glory, if not improve its overall appearance.

When you're ready to enhance the landscape, we can also expertly perform upgrades to your existing landscape, including hardscapes.

Hardscape is the implementation of stone and structure in the design of a landscape. From patios and walkways to sidewalks and driveways, Grand Services offers a wide array of hardscape options to further enhance your outdoor living experience. We can utilize patio pavers, stonework, rocks and more to achieve the look you want.

Whether part of the design or the answer to an erosion problem, retaining walls can play a big role in landscapes. Grand Services builds new retaining walls but can also add-on or repair existing structures, using railroad ties, landscape timber, stacked stone and concrete blocks.