Property Care Inspections

Grand Services has recently expanded the scope of our property care inspection/caretaker services, through which we take care of your property and provide any necessary services you might need, ranging from general caretaking to filling your boat with gas and having it ready for you when you get to the lake.


Available year-round and customizable to our clients' individual needs, the property care inspection services include property inspections. One of our team members will walk the property and physically check for locked doors, open windows, signs of damage or vandalism and much more.

We offer several levels of service with plans that include visual and physical inspections of exterior spaces of your home, property and dock. Grand Services will make sure that nothing is out of place, no running water or drips and that everything is as it should be.

After a storm passes through, Grand Services can inspect your property and grounds to check for any damage caused by high winds or rain.

If you have to schedule a repairman but can't be there to let him in, Grand Services can meet the repairmen and let them in for you. We'll also stay there while they perform the needed service. And when they're finished, we'll lock up after they leave.

The property care inspection/caretaker services are great for lake homes where the owner isn't always available to check on their own property. The service can be tailored to fit your needs for either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits.

With Grand Services property care inspection/caretaker services, you can leave the worries behind when you leave the lake, knowing your property will be expertly watched over.