Retaining Walls

In addition to enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces, hardscapes can also serve a functional purpose. One example is retaining walls, which can play an important part in the design of a well-planned outdoor space.

Wierick wall2.jpg

A structure that holds or retains soil behind it, retaining walls can be used to separate two areas, assist in leveling off sloping or uneven land and to create planting areas. They can also be used to prevent erosion by holding soil back and stopping it from running off into other parts of the yard. A retaining wall can also save the landscaping by improving drainage as well as preventing flooding or water damage by minimizing runoff.

From railroad ties and landscape timber to stacked stone, concrete blocks and more, a variety of materials can be used to create a retaining wall. The overall design should be considered when choosing materials for a retaining wall to insure the wall fits in with the rest of the landscaping and hardscaping.

Grand Services builds new retaining walls and can also add-on or repair existing structures. Contact us today to find out more how a retaining wall would work in your space.